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Explore: Negotiating The Black Boy Roundabout, Reading

Get behind the wheel as WDS explores ways to negotiate the Black Boy Roundabout in Reading. Our comprehensive approach deals with road signs, lane selection and positioning, hazards, checks and considerations, and provides key insights for students taking their test in the area, as well as learner drivers wishing to …

New member joining our team

We’re expanding!! Pleased to announce that from 11th June we have another member joining our team. Simon will be working alongside myself and Graham to provide more available hours to help people master the art of driving. Looking forward to this next chapter of WDS life.


Approaching roundabouts – Look at the signs, work out where you want to go, signal if required, find an appropriate lane, look at signs/road markings to help decide. Follow the lane around the roundabout (if a spiral, it will guide you off the roundabout) use signals if it will help …

Being a “Good Driver”

So what make a good driver? How do you stay safe while driving? Anticipation is the key. Look ahead & plan, try to work out what others are doing, look for clues (be a detective), brake lights, road positioning, parked cars, road signs, pedestrians. Driving is not passive is is …


Welcome to the new WDS website!

We’re proud to be able to welcome you to the new WDS website.   WDS are a friendly and professional driving school based in Wokingham, Berkshire.  We believe driving is a life skill and believe that your education and preparation for meeting the roads is an ongoing learning process. Take …